i know the site was offline for some time now, and yes, i got the mails about it.

Something happend with the tikiwiki and its not exactly the best software to upgrade. (If you are running a pre beta still - its hard to find update scripts, lets not talk about upgrading itself ;) )
If you want the content of the wiki, i put the dbfiles online for the geek in you.

Long story short, you can still get all ServerWatch files at this place. Just the site is gone for now, and will MAYBE come back if i have more times on my hand again.

What packages/components are below in that random list of files?

  • ServerWatch itself (normal Version,linux,console only)- Version 0.9.9 sounds like a good version to start with
  • ServerWatch Client - the admin client for SW
  • ServerWatch AntiCheat - the AntiCheat client for SW
  • ServerWatch ACWebViewer - admin client for AntiCheat admins - look at screenshots + ...

  • Read Some Basic Info ! ;)
    There is a little flash howto from Cobr@ lets show it!

    Some Readme is comming with the sw download - and can also be found here and here
    The last version did not contain any known bugs worth mentioning. It is just very hard to setup ServerWatch - focus was always features not usability ;) But if you find any bugs, i might still fix them if you send me an email.

    Daniel aka Enforcer
    serverwatch (at) daniel-rudolph.de

    PS: no i wont give out the source, still not, its just not possible -sorry